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A Brief History

THINK’s first issue appeared in the winter of 2008, realizing the creative vision of founding editor and publisher Christine Yurick. In 2013, Western Colorado University acquired the journal as part of its MA and MFA Programs in Creative Writing. In 2021 THINK became an independently owned journal under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Brian Palmer, who collaborates with a staff of dedicated and discerning editors. All involved volunteer their time and efforts.

What We Publish

In keeping with its original mission, THINK publishes poems that emphasize craft as well as content. We are responsive to metrical verse, to strategic rhyme, to inventive uses of nonce forms, and to free verse with a clear organizing principle. We look for writing that seizes and holds attention and rewards it with revelation.

We are receptive to well-crafted, nuanced fiction that explores and illuminates the human condition.

THINK also publishes essays dealing with the art and history of poetry, as well as analyses of poems and the works of important poets. While such essays often reflect extensive knowledge and scholarship, they are written for a broad range of non-specialist readers.

We appreciate and seek out informed, creative non-fiction, especially pieces that focus on the natural world.

Finally, THINK publishes reviews, including composite reviews (in batches of three books) of new collections of poetry. We believe these critical essays are interesting, inspiring, and edifying to readers and other poets. In addition, it is our way of advocating for the importance supporting poets (and the arts) by buying poetry!

Who We Publish

THINK publishes well-established poets and writers, but also emerging ones. We prize excellence over reputation.

The Future

THINK is a testament to our love of poetry in particular and literature in general. We are proud of the journal—where it has come from and where we intend it to go. While we present some poems and articles online via our website (thinkjournal.org,) we are committed to publishing THINK as a superior print journal for years to come.


General Formatting:

  • Prepare all submissions in Word format.
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman font.

POETRY: Submit up to 5 poems in a single document.

  • Each poem should be on its own page and each page should include your name and contact information in the upper right corner. 
  • Please use page numbers and stanza break info for poems longer than one page.
  • Poetry should be in the line format (including indentations) in which the poet wishes it to appear in publication.

FICTION and ESSAYS: Submit 1 piece of prose (story, essay, creative nonfiction)

  • Your manuscript should include your name and contact information in the upper right corner and proper pagination going forward.
  • In the TITLE of your Submission, indicate clearly whether you are sending Poetry, Fiction, or Essay. (For prose, it helps to include the title or an identifying piece of title.)

Title of Submission Examples:

A. J. Doe's 3 poems for Think--Poetry

B. Smith "Seawater"--Fiction

C. Jones "Desert Imagery in 20th c. Eco-Writing"--Essay

Please use the appropriate fields to include your name and contact information. Do write a brief cover letter. Below your name at the end of your cover, include a short (50-75 words) third-person bio that tells us something about yourself, your writing interests, where you're from, university(s) attended, etc. Bios are subject to editing. As for bios, please:

  • Don't list journals where you’ve published your work.
  • Don't list prizes, awards, fellowships.
  • Don't include your website or blog site.
  • List up to three books you've published (which includes anthologies.)

General Policies

1. Persons interested in contributing to the journal must submit their own original work.

2. We DO NOT publish anything that's been previously published in other periodicals, books, etc., including on-line or blog publications.

3. We DO accept simultaneous submissions as long as you withdraw immediately any piece that has been accepted elsewhere.

4. Rights revert to the author upon publication; we do retain the option to reprint, including online and in social media.

5. We kindly ask that THINK be acknowledged as first publisher when work is published again.

6. Unfortunately, we are unable to remunerate authors for their work; however, we do send a printed issue to published authors.

7. Please be aware that Notification can take up to 2 months.

THINK: A Journal of Poetry, Fiction, and Essays