THINK's first issue appeared in 2008 under the leadership of founding editor/publisher Christine Yurick. In 2013, Western Colorado University acquired the journal. It is now housed at Western and is loosely affiliated with Western's MA and MFA in Creative Writing programs. In keeping with its original mission, THINK publishes poems that emphasize craft as well as content. We look for metered, rhymed poems, in received or nonce forms, or free verse with a clear organizing principle, emphasizing the devices of poetry. We are delighted to read work from both established and emerging poets. 

In recent years THINK: A Journal of Poetry, Fiction, and Essays has expanded its focus to encompass all the areas of concentration in WCU's MA and MFA programs in Creative Writing. Besides poetry, we publish genres of popular fiction and excerpts from screenwriting, as well as creative non-fiction, especially pieces that focus on the natural world.

THINK publishes essays dealing with the art and history of poetry, and we publish analyses of poems and prose pieces. We are interested in essays on film and television, and also thoughtful essays about publishing and opera. Essays in THINK often reflect extensive knowledge and scholarship, but they must be written for a broad range of non-specialist readers. We welcome inquiries or proposals for essay topics, though queries are not required.

THINK also accepts reviews (including omnibus reviews) of new collections of poetry. We would like to be queried in this category, please.

Ends on December 31, 2019


Submit up to five poems (or one long poem) in a single Word document. 

  • Each poem should be on its own page and each page should include your name and contact information in the upper right corner. 
  • Poetry should be in the line format (including indentations) in which the poet wishes it to appear in publication. 
  • Use 12-point Times New Roman font. 

Please submit one piece of prose (story, essay, creative nonfiction, screenplay (full short or excerpt) in a Word document.  

  • Your manuscript should include your name and contact information in the upper right corner. 
  •  Use 12-point Times New Roman font. 

If you would like to submit a review (including an omnibus review) of a poetry collection(s), please query the managing editor, Brian Palmer, at

General Policies

  • In the TITLE of your Submission, please indicate if your submission is: Poetry, Fiction, or Nonfiction. For prose, it helps to include the title (or identifying piece of title.)


                              J. Doe's 3 poems for Think--Poetry 

                              A. Smith "Seawater"--Fiction

                              B. Jones "Desert Imagery in SW Poetry"--Nonfiction

  • For all submissions, please use the appropriate fields to include your name and contact information AND a brief cover letter which also includes a short third-person bio.
  • We DO accept simultaneous submissions as long as you withdraw immediately any piece that has been accepted elsewhere. 
  • Pieces that have been previously published in other periodicals will not be eligible for publication. 
  • Persons interested in contributing to the magazine must submit their own original work.
  • Copyrights for submitted and published work will remain in the possession of the author. By submitting a piece, the author grants THINK permission to publish the work and reprint it in future editions or anthologies of work published in the magazine. Unfortunately, at the present time we are unable to remunerate authors for their work; however, we do send a printed issue to published authors.


THINK: A Journal of Poetry, Fiction, and Essays